Te Reo Māori

Learning Te Reo Māori
He Whakamārama by John Foster – this is the book that has taught me the most te reo Māori. It focuses on the grammar of the language and the format of the Ako Tuatahi zine is borrowed heavily from this book. It can be bought here for $47, or found at most public libraries.

Upoko Pakaru is a fantastic blog for intermediate learners which goes over specific aspects of te reo Māori. Thoroughly recommended.

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa is a Māori tertiary education provider that has offices all throughout Aotearoa and offers free whole-year te reo Māori courses, including immersive courses.

Te Wānanga o Raukawa is a Māori tertiary education provider that offers free online te reo Māori courses; more information here.

Te Whanake
A series of interactive animations and exercises to help with your reo

Tōku Reo
Māori television show for beginner te reo learners. Spanning five series, every episode is available for free download, with a shortened podcast style version as well which goes over the key parts of each episode. Each episode also has useful vocab, grammar and test exercises. 

Kupu o te Rā
Register with your email address and you can select word lists to be sent to your inbox each day – great for learning days of the week, Māori gods, words for around home, etc. This website is also great for learning the grammar of te reo, though its brief descriptions may be a little advanced for an absolute beginner.

Ako Tuatahi Revision on Quizlet
Ira Perkins has made flashcard sets for the Ngā Pae revision activities in Ako Tuatahi -there are plenty of flashcards, games and tests to practice your Māori here.
Te Reo Māori in the whānau/home
Hei Reo Whānau Facebook page

He tamariki kōrero Māori Facebook group

Reo o te Whānau blog by Nichole Gully

Ugly attitudes towards Māori language (NZ Herald article)

Kā manukura o te reo: Everyday, everywhere reo (Ngāi Tahu article

Useful tools to help your reo
Online Māori Dictionary
Free online dictionary for translating English – Maori and vice versa. 

Te Papakupu a te Huarahi Māori


An excellent pronunciation guide, with audio recordings of fluent speakers pronouncing the vowels, consonants and vowel combinations. Created by the University of Otago.

Another pronunciation guide; though not as extensive as the one above, it is still useful. Created by Massey University””

Online Māori Keyboard
This free online keyboard will make life easier when having to type in Māori, allowing you to easily type Māori macrons without a special Māori font. You can edit your text in the box and then copy it to your document, e-mail message, etc. Created by Tomasz P. Szynalski. Note it is much easier to set your computer options to a Māori keyboard to be able to input macrons whenever you like; see below for instructions on how to do this.

How to set your computer to be able to type Māori macrons (For Windows)
Hover over the Ngā Rauemi link at the top of this page to find the page with instructions for this. Kia ora!

Waiata, Haka, Karakia
Hei Waiata, Hei Whakakoakoa
An encyclopedia of waiata and haka, along with mp3 recordings, songsheets, and actions, all free to download.

Traditional and Christian Karakia
This university of Otago site has a great list of karakia with translations and audio clips; just be aware that the translation for the traditional karakia “Whakataka te hau” is incorrect; the correct translation can be found here.



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