Goddess Hina: The Missing Heroine from Disney’s Moana (26/11/16)

Why was Delegat’s sentence so much lighter than Maikuku’s? (Newshub, 13/08/16)

Pākehā let off by police twice as often as Māori (RNZ, 14/08/16)

Kōrero Mai: Turn up te reo volume (RNZ, 4/07/16)

Putting New Zealand’s Te Reo Knowledge to the Test (One News, 5/07/16)

Traditional Māori myths may hold clues to natural hazards (Stuff, 11/09/15)

Could Greymouth be renamed? (NZ Herald, 2012)

New Zealand to pay colonial compensation (Al Jazeera, 2013)

Racism: Tolerated and trivialised in New Zealand (Al Jazeera, 2013)

Workers eating at sacred site offend Māori (Stuff, 6/12/13)

Call for simpler te reo on TV (NZ Herald, 1/05/14)

Māori continue to embrace Te Reo – Survey (3 News, 7/05/14)

Te reo Māori far too precious to be lost (NZ Herald, 20/07/14)

Te reo family’s first language (NZ Herald, 24/07/14)

Pair on mission to turn ‘Whytackery’ back to Waitakere (NZ Herald, 24/07/14)

Most popular Māori names for babies (NZ Herald, 24/07/14)

Free te reo Māori lessons popular (The Press, 25/07/14)

The following two articles relate to a project in Tauranga by Pat Spellman to install bilingual signs across Tauranga.
Bilingual signs hit by costs (NZ Herald, 11/06/14)
Te reo plaques taking shape (NZ Herald, 11/08/14)

Ma te reo offers funding for local language bodies (NZ Herald, 19/08/14)

The following two articles relate to a teenager who quit her job after being asked not to say “kia ora” to customers:
War of words over Kiwi greeting (Stuff, 21/08/14)
Teen wins powerful support after quitting job (NZ Herald, 23/08/14)

John Key leaves girl in tears after saying Māori language month would bore people (Stuff, 2/09/15)

Many Māori names for Wellington landmarks lost (Dominion Post, 20/07/15)



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