Enabling macrons on your keyboard

How to set your computer to be able to type Māori macrons (For Windows)
By following this process you will be able to input macrons into word documents/internet text fields by pushing the tilde button (below ESC):

1. Go to the control panel (Start -> Control Panel)
2. Go into keyboard options (In Win7 this is called “Change keyboards or other input methods”). If you cannot find “Change keyboards or other input languages”, click “Region and Language” instead, then the “Keyboards and Languages” tab.
3. Click “Change keyboards”
4. Click “Add” and find “Maori New Zealand”. Click the small minus sign, select “Maori (Default)” and then click OK.
5. The Maori keyboard should now be in your list of keyboards. You should now select the English keyboard and click remove to make the Maori keyboard your active keyboard. Click OK and your keyboard will work the same as before but now you will be able to use the tilde (~) key to toggle macrons easily.

If the above instructions do not work, there are more instructions for a variety of operating systems here.


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