Kiko (Course content)

On this page you can download PDF versions of the zines (booklets) given out in class, as well as word documents of the kēmu (games) played in class. Click the link to download the item, and you can then save or print it if you wish. I normally have spare copies of the zines in class so please ask for another copy in class before printing one yourself.

Ako Māori Zines

Ngā mihi whakamana ki a John Foster for inspiring the format of this zine and teaching style through his book He Whakamārama.  All content below has been created by Regan Stokes.

In lieu of copyright, I rest my mana upon this resource and all works that carry the Ako Māori name. Free reproduction, distribution and use of this zine is allowed and encouraged for personal learning, providing I am acknowledged as the writer. Selling or profiting from this zine is strictly forbidden; if you would like to use or adapt this resource to teach other people, please contact me first at

Ako Tuatahi (First Learning)
Ako Tuatahi v3.02

Ako Tuarua (Second Learning)
Ako Tuarua v3.0

Ako Māori Kēmu

Please use, distribute and adapt the below games/activities for your own teaching needs, provided you are not profiting from them directly:

Pūkana kēmu

Kēmu of Ako Tuatahi
Kimihia tōu whanaunga cards  (Seek your relative – used to practice “Ko wai tōu ingoa?” and “Nō hea koe?”)
Kimihia tōu whanaunga rules

Kēmu of Ako Tuarua
Tāua tāua – kāri (You and me both – used to practice “Kei te pēhea koe?”)
Tāua tāua – aratohu (Guidelines)

He aha tēnā – kāri (What is that? – used to practice “He aha tēnā?”)
He aha tēnā – aratohu (Guidelines)


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